Leg Hams, Bulk Lines, Double Smoked (Traditional), Strassburg Salami Double Smoked Halves, Polish Salami, Boneless Ezy Cut Ham,Berliner,Boneless Ezy Cut Ham Halves, Bologna, Prager Ham, Devon, Soccerball Ham - Full and Half, Chicken Roll, Ezy Cut 1/2 Moon & Virginian (Byers), Mortadella, Leg Ham Bone In - Full (Byers), Silverside Full, Leg Ham Bone In - Half (Byers), Silverside 1/2 & ¼, Regal Double Smoked (Byers), Pressed Shoulder Ham 4x4 (Byers),  Royale Ham - Skinless (Byers), Ham Steak, Royale Virginia Ham (Byers), Pork Brawn, Honey Cured Leg Ham - Boneless (Byers), Flat Double Smoked Leg Ham (Byers), Specialities, Double Smoked Leg Ham - Portions (Byers), Black Forest N.Y. Rare Roast Beef, Black Forest N.Y. Rare  Beef  Halves, Banquet Ham Boneless, Black Forest Pastrami, (Leg and Shoulder), Black Forest Pastrami Halves, Banquet Soccerball, Smoked Beef, Banquet Prager (Byers), Green Peppercorn Loaf, Banquet Virginian (Byers), Leberkaese, Smoked Chicken Breast  Fillets, Smoked Products, Herb Chicken Breast Fillets, Csabai Hot (Add $1.00/kg COV, Tandoori Chicken Breast Fillets, Csabai Mild (Add $1.00/kg COV), Garlic Chicken Breast Fillets, Chorizo, Chilli Chicken Breast Fillets, Pepperoni Hot, Smoked Duck Breast, Pepperoni Mild, Bierwurst, Boneless Cooked Loin (Kassler), Shinkenwurst, Cooked Kaiser, Paprikawurst, Smoked Spec (T-Spec), Tyroler Shinken (Blackforest Ham), Cooked Neck, Cooked Neck Halves, Smallgoods, Ham De Lux, Cabanossi Short, Smoked Hocks, Cabanossi Long, Smoked Beef Tongue, Kransky, Smoked Pork Clobassy, Vienna Frankfurts, Smoked Vienna Franks, Thick Vienna Frankfurts, Smoked Vienna Cocktails, Vienna Cocktails, Smoked Kransky, Australian Frankfurts, Smoked Kransky with Cheese, Australian Cocktails, Knackwurst, Savaloys, Salami, Pizza Toppings, Danish Salami Large, Shredded Ham 5kg, Danish Salami Small, Fine Shredded Ham 3kg, Hot Spanish Salami Large, Diced Ham 5kg, Hot Spanish Salami Small, Diced Bacon 3kg, Moscow Salami, Sliced Cabana 3kg, Pepperoni Salami, Sliced Cabanossi 3kg, Landjeager Salami, Sliced Pepperoni Salami 3kg, Stripped Ham 3kg , Sausages, Cooked Pork, Chicken Chipolata, Cooked Pork Belly, Pork Chipolata, Cooked Pork Hocks, Nuremberg Bratwurst, Swiss Bratwurst, Liverwurst, Thuringer Bratwurst, Country Style Liverwurst, Wiesswurst, Latvian Liverwurst, Regensberg Sausage, Japanese Italian Chipolata, Sliced Products, 1kg Pack, Japanese English Chipolata, Sliced Prager Ham (Byers), Thick Sausages - Bulk (Byers), Shaved Prager Ham (Byers), Thin Sausages - Bulk (Byers), Sliced Shoulder Ham (Byers), Thick Sausages 3kg (Byers), Thin Sausages 3kg (Byers), Chipolattos - Bulk (Byers), Chippolattos 3kg (Byers),  Turkey & Chicken, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Oven Roasted Turkey 1/2 Breast, Smoked Salmon 1 kg, Smoked Turkey Roll, Prosciutto, Bacon, Prosciutto Whole, Bacon Rashers Rindless, Prosciutto Sliced 100 gm Pkt (B&B), Short Cut Rindless Rashers 2.5kg, Bunderfleish (Air Dried Beef) (B&B), Bacon Rashers Rindless 2.5kg, Black Forest Ham (B&B), Bacon Rashers Rindless Streaky 2.5kg, Panchetta, Black Forest Ham, Burgomaster, Byers, Glazed Ham, German Smallgoods, Fliesch, Danube, Rs danube, Smoked meat, smokehouse,

© R&S Danube Smallgoods P/L. All Rights Reserved

PHONE: 02 9557 2908
FAX: 02 9519 2358
41 - 45 Sydenham Road, Marrickville, NSW, AUSTRALIA 2204
ABN 41 060 434 406
MP 1353

R&S Danube Smallgoods P/L manufacturers of fine quality European and Australian Ham and Smallgoods products since 1992.

Our Brands include, The Burgomaster, Byers and The Blackforest Smokehouse.

Suppliers to the food industry for 19 years, our clients include Wholesalers, Delicatessens, Caterers, Clubs,  Restaurants and many more, delivering to the greater Sydney area 5 days a week.

All of our products are available at factory direct prices through our shop located at 41 - 45 Sydenham Road, Marrickville NSW.

Our Factory shop is open Monday to Thursday

5am to 2.30pm, Friday 5am to 12 noon,

Saturday 8am to 12noon.

Please use the links at the top of the page, the navigation arrows at the bottom of the page or your browsers forward and back buttons to view our extensive range!!

Click on the photos for detailed product information on the items you are interested in.

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